On Writing Books…

I know a book like Career Happiness can be helpful for people with career journeys like mine. We’re all made for community and books give us a way to connect through stories. I believe stories create bridges through time and between people. It’s through story that God reveals His personal character and teaches us about who we are. We can do that for each other, our families, and our communities. I truly hope Career Happiness Starts with You will help you on your journey to greater career joy.

On Coaching for Next Level Results…

My life mission has always had me working on ideas with imagination–and doing my best to help others do what they do better. I’m also a life-long learner, a seeker of truth, and naturally curious. Coaching became a natural second career for me. I am now thrilled to partner with others to reach their next level. I enjoy helping people gain more understanding of their own story. And for some people, I help them share the stories they have that will in turn help others grow too. If you’re looking for change and growth with a forward focus–coaching will inspire you.

On Calming the Chaos by Focusing on Simple Principles…

Life can be distracting. We all can get overwhelmed. When the chaos needs calmed, the first step is to get centered. Know your plumb lines…what you know to be good and true and right. These are the standards that do not change with the current. Centering here will stabilize you so that you can begin to size up your situation, gather your thoughts and discern your next steps. When life gets complicated, focus on simple truths first.

“I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line”

Isaiah 28:17

Vicki Rich is a Career Coach, Leadership Coach and Author/Publishing Coach who inspires professionals to reach their next level through clear direction, personal growth and consistent action. She believes that passion follows action and encourages building career focus around a deep understanding of strengths, values and areas of greatest contribution or potential.

With more 20 years of experience in public relations, strategic communication, and team management—Vicki understands the importance of deep understanding, clear communication, strategic planning, and measuring progress in order to grow toward the results you want. She is especially adept at supporting clients to simplify myriad thoughts and clear the clutter, organize priorities, and evaluate options. Vicki is recognized as an effective coach for her insightful questions, calm presence, and focus on practical solutions.

Vicki’s career has spanned the public and private sectors—including state and federal government, association management, an international diplomatic event, local and national political campaigns, and a regional medical center. She has worked with and coached communication and marketing executives, non-profit and trade association leaders, elected and appointed political officials, in-house legal counsel, financial industry leaders, aerospace industry executives, and small business owners in technology, insurance, and creative and professional services.

Vicki grew up on a farm with eight older siblings and two business-owner parents who taught traditional values and personal responsibility. She is also guided by her personal values of faith, curiosity and learning. Vicki regularly studies God’s word and avidly reads about business, leadership, management, personal development, and political history. Her interests include regional travel, outdoor activities, landscape photography, creative writing, horses, and history. After growing up on a farm with animals all around—dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs—Vicki can’t imagine a home without pets. She shares her current home with her two cats, Jackson and Jersey.