Career Happiness Book

Career Happiness Starts with You

Five Pillars to Build Better Mondays and Find Career Joy

Career happiness (like joy in life) doesn’t always build in linear progression or constantly increasing satisfaction. Life has ups and downs, and our careers do as well. When you’re in a valley you have two options: Be a victim to your situation, or rise above it. Complaining and spinning around in what you don’t like makes you a victim. If you stay, you have to accept the things you cannot change, while actively adapting or changing the parts you can. Or you can go.

 I wrote this book because I encourage living life empowered to have options. If you’ve had enough of overwhelm, career disappointment, frustration, or lack of direction—it’s time to activate your personal power and learn to thrive. Your circumstances don’t define you. Yesterday doesn’t have to determine tomorrow. You can start today to chart a new course. It starts with mastering what I call your Five Pillars of building something better. Better for you. For your career. And for your life.  You can build career joy. I can show you how.

Pillar One:  Understand Yourself and Your Expectations

Move beyond assumptions, misunderstandings, and self-limiting thought patterns so that you gain clarity

Pillar Two:  Restore Your Optimism

Take the time and make the effort to shore up your physical, mental and emotional energy

Pillar Three:  Lead You

Master the art of self-regulation for “like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self control.”

Pillar Four:  Manage Up (and Across)

Center your efforts on understanding others’ needs and working from an attitude of service

Pillar Five:  Chart Your Course

Change develops when you take action in the direction of your choices and dreams.