Career Coaching

Find Your Path to Career Confidence

Every career has both accomplishments and setbacks. The highs and lows don’t define you. And you can love the journey even when detours seem too long. Confident doesn’t come from avoiding hard things; it builds when you overcome. Passion follows action and fulfillment grows with commitment to your values and purpose. My book, Career Happiness, is coming soon. You can use this as a self-coaching tool to guide you through whatever transition your career needs most. Maybe you are ready for a new career opportunity–or maybe you will grow where you are. You can coach yourself to greater career confidence. Or you can work with me to build a step-by-step career plan.

You want a new path. It may be a new job. Perhaps it’s a promotion. Maybe you’re not sure what’s next. You just know it’s time for your next level of joy and professional success. Career coaching will help you.

Work 1:1 with me as your coach. Let’s explore together what career joy and fulfillment means to you.

Coach with me 1:1 for two or three calls per month.
Develop your career roadmap and take your journey to the next level.
You can also start first with a six-week power start at a special rate.

The Six -Week Career Coaching Kickstart gets you centered and gets you moving. We’ll start with exploring and understanding what makes you unique and what you need to know about your value and mission in the world. Next we’ll identify and prioritize the options that drive and inspire you. Then we’ll kick-start your career move with your personal action plan—a process and step-by-step guide you’ll follow to get what you really want in your career.

Career Happiness Starts with You – The Book

The book is written in five parts (the 5 Pillars) to help you evaluate where you are and build resources for where you want to be. The book also helps you develop an action plan to start charting your course. At the end of each part (Pillar section) there is a chapter to help you self-coach your way through the topics covered. Invest the time to work through all the Pillars and respond to the self-coaching chapters. You will be glad you did. This begins your new journey to career fulfillment and joy. If you love to read and are disciplined to work on your own, this book provides a good self-coaching program you can use for immediate value. Share your e-mail below. I’ll let you know when the book is here!

Career Happiness – A Free Short Course

If you wan ta little more guidance to go along with the book–but still want to work at your own pace–then this course can you jump start your planning. The quick lessons will walk you through the 5 Pillars to building better Mondays and creating career happiness. I’ll share personal tips and exercises to help you work through the pillars and develop our personal action plan. You get added motivation and teaching support while still managing your own progress. You can go through the training videos as quickly or slowly as you like. Purchase of the book, Career Happiness Starts with You, is required for best results. Coming soon!